PCPAT: Lobby Props & Decorations

Posted by Lobby Decorating Coordinator, Carolyn Von.Ahnen

Upcoming Group Tasks: Crafters get ready as we have some big projects coming up; constructing an 8 waterfall, cliff and pride rock!!! 

Announcing our 2012-2013 recital is "The Circle of Life" based on Disney's Lion King. 

When you walk into the lobby we want our guests to feel as if they are walking into a jungle.

See lobby concept for main areas shown below. 

Friends from a local Church have agreed to loan us their collection of life sized wooden jungle creatures, vines, bamboo - palm tree bases and other assorted accessories! :)  Whoo Hoo!  They are stored in an attic and will take 10 of us to get them carried out!  I was able to go & see them, they are LIFE Size animals! (scroll down photos below)

Schematic - and Rough Outline of Areas to be decorated

I've photographed the lobby and pasted in some supplies which we have already purchased, and characters - this way you can visualize what is going on in my head!

Ideas? Share w/ me! dance@idcwebs.com


Main Entrance, Ticket Booth, featuring main characters, vines strung from post to post,
lots of palm trees & greenery, monkeys on vine, birds... think jungle

Left Side leading to Theater Entrance

Theater Entrance: Good vs. Evil

Snack Shack: Trading Post

Vendor Area: feature Large Wooden Animals, and as many trees & tropical items we can arrange near them


Concept for our "Feature Areas" of decoration are:

  • Have the LARGE Wooden Animals line the right wall & rear walls - intermingled in the vendor areas

  • Each post we could put greens / palm trees & small animals hanging from and around bases

  • Snack Shack will be a Trading Post - thinking similar to line/waiting area for Disney's Animal Kingdom Safari Ride - trunks, luggage, binoculars, crates marked danger live animals, drape w/ mosquito netting, hanging animal masks, workers could wear safari hats....

  • Ticket Booth, we have a Tikki Table Top Hut we can use - perhaps resurface our current booth w/ bamboo paper and just use the table top roof?? Ideas?

  • Entry Characters:  Rafikki holding up Simba and across from him would be Mafusa & Sarabi

  • Before the Stairs on the Left - a large waterfall that turns into the watering hole / stream with animals drinking from it

  • Stairs - over first railing - create Pride Rock - create so it hangs over railing and has a platform at the top going over rail. We can make a bunch of lion, lioness & cubs and sit upon it. 

  • Stairs, 2nd Railing, Dark Cliff area featuring Scar & Hyena Pack

Even though a basic layout & concept planned, the committee is open to ideas & suggestions, share your your thoughts

Do you have items we could decorate with at home? Let me know!

Please Share - email your ideas{ dance@idcwebs.com }




Supplies to Borrow:

  • Church: Wooden Jungle Animals & Decor

  • Sharon Hans Falconiero
     -3 Palm Trees, 1 approx 5-6 foot, approx. 3
      and a variety of smaller ones
     -White Tiger Cub that is realistic

  • Emily Plummer: Zazu stuffed animal

  • Lauren Non. Simba stuffed animal & Pumba puppet

  • We are going to need:

  • mp3 player - ipod/speakers

  • 3 or 4 Umbrellas

  • Orange Blinky Lights

  • trunks/luggage

  • need house plants / silk trees / vines / silk or real brightly colored flowers: we need to create jungle fioliage!

  • need jungle animals, frogs, butterflies, snakes, parrots, bright birds things we can "scatter" about

  • What else? Who has something that would go w/ our theme?

  • Anyone hosting a Lau Party and have table skirts or decorations?


Life Size wooden animals: 

Lion, donkey who pulled a cart, 2 Elephants, Giraffe, Rhino, Zebra, 3 alligators

Lion about 4' tall, has mane that attaches

1 of 2 - 7' Tall Elephants

alligators for our watering hole

Zebra & Rhino

frog, spider, monkey - ideas of types of animals to sit around the lobby

hand rolled vines!

sheer glitter blue fabric for watering hole


bag of coconuts to hang from palm trees

bamboo trees:  used green paper and glued to an umbrella,
sit umbrella into carpet roll top to create tree's canopy

Tikki Hut could be used for Ticket booth, minus the flowers & Aloha sign. We might be able to just use the grass top to recover our ticket booth from last year. This way it would look like a bamboo hut..... hmm.... anyone....ideas?


Additional Info:  Lobby Concepts  Items Purchased  Supply Ideas  Characters to Make  Movie Images  Lobby Undecorated  Inventory