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" Wishes "

PCPAT's version of the
Disney Classic "Aladdin"

In the heart of an enchanted city, a commoner named Aladdin and his mischievous monkey, Abu, battle to save the free-spirited Princess Jasmine. Aladdin's whole life changes with one rub of a magic lamp as a fun-loving, shape-shifting Genie appears and grants him three wishes, setting him on an incredible journey of discovery. Through his adventures, Aladdin proves that he is a prince where it truly matters most -- on the inside!

Front Table Lamp w/ Genie coming out, Larger than Life he will be held up by left or right column -  not w/ Aladdin on Top, he will be featured in another spot???

Do we incorporate the cave of wonders? I imagine the table w/ gold table coverings, and piles of coins, gold pots, treasure chests, gems....


left side concept

Aladdin coloring picture Left Side Railing

Jasmine climbing aboard the magic carpet - create a hoovering carpet w/ Aladdin below it.


Side wall could be the "Parade" 


Aladdin coloring picture


Aladdin coloring picture

Jasmine's bedroom for inside canopy - chandelier large seating pillows - maybe put raj tiger inside

Right Side Jafar & Iago in secret castle room

Jafar & Iago Evil - Jasmine in Hour Glass? Sultan as Jester,
Baby Tiger in Bird Cage? Monkey banging cymbal toy...etc...


use to create silhouette for side wall

Can we find large carpet?

like idea of night stars behind castle


Snack Shack can we put characters on a real bistro table set???


Back Lobby & side wall Parade

Camels, Dancing Girls, Juggler, Snake Charmer, Fire Breather - amongst vendor booths



http://disneyscreencaps.com/aladdin-1992/55/   Screen Shots
Aladdin coloring picture


Aladdin coloring picture Aladdin coloring picture
Aladdin coloring picture Aladdin coloring picture
Aladdin coloring picture Aladdin coloring picture

Vendor Area - make vendor tables resemble Market Place?  
Open Air Market throughout lobby will be the balloons, flowers and Tabitha's photography display area

These are my first thoughts of what we could do.... you know I cannot wait to hear what you all think and ideas you might have! Let's do this!!!!!! Our Jungle-Fabulous Lobby is going to be hard to beat!!!!!!!!!!


**Casey Lyn would like to see flying carpets everywhere... any ideas on how to do this???**  We'd need a lift to reach the ceilings.... hmmmm.....


Please Share - email your ideas  { dance@idcwebs.com }